Op-Ed: Child abuse in sport happens if grooming laws aren’t enforced

This op-ed was originally published in The New Daily, and can be found online here The harrowing stories shared by the Four Corners program End Game reiterate what so many survivors and advocates already know to be true – without strict enforcement of mandatory reporting laws, abusers will continue seeking to groom and abuse children. […]

IGFF’s September Newsletter

As always, this has been a busy month for the In Good Faith Foundation team. As our case workers continue to provide support and advocacy to individuals, families and communities impacted by institutional abuses, the whole team have been providing key feedback and lobbying for systemic change. This newsletter outlines just a few of our […]

IGFF’s August Newsletter

This month, the IGFF team have continued to provide support and advocacy services from home. This newsletter outlines some of our team’s more systemic advocacy work, along with recent updates in the field of institutional abuse.  The current circumstances, and different restrictions in different areas, affect people in different ways. Please don’t hesitate to get […]

Media Release: Sexual Assault “Gag” Law

A Pdf version of this media release can be found online here The Judicial Proceedings Reports Act or the “Sexual Assault Gag Law” as it’s being described must be changed as soon as Victorian Parliament next sits. IGFF firmly believes the Andrew’s Government admission that this was an unintended legislative consequence, but until it is fixed, […]

IGFF’s July Newsletter

Welcome to our July newsletter. This month, we take the opportunity to reflect on the year so far, and provide updates to our recent activities. The IGFF team continue to provide crucial support and advocacy work remotely, and if you have any specific questions about our work or anything in this email you can get […]

Media Release: Response to Vincent Ryan Release from Prison

A Pdf version of this media release can be found online here Today Vincent Ryan will walk free from Long Bay Prison. Ryan has previously been convicted of sexually abusing more than 30 children in his care. Former police investigators have publically stated that they believe he will always be a risk to the community. […]

IGFF’s June Newsletter

Welcome to IGFF’s newsletter for June 2020. Our team are continuing to provide vital services from home, which we anticipate will extend until the end of July, as our office is based in Victoria.  There have been major updates from the National Redress Scheme this month, as well as news about the Catholic Church and […]

IGFF’s May Newsletter

Welcome to In Good Faith Foundation’s May 2020 newsletter. This month has presented some unique challenges and seen some significant progress made by our vibrant community. As our team continues working from home we want to keep you up to date with some of the milestones this month but also thank you for your understanding […]

Media Release: Melbourne City Council Votes to Protect the Safety of Children

A Pdf version of this media release can be found online here I applaud the Melbourne City Council’s Future Melbourne Committee for unanimously adopting the principles of Cr Nicholas Francis Gilley motion – Ensuring Safety of Children at Places of Worship in our Municipality. One of the key motivations for survivors and whistle-blowers in making their stories known […]

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