IGFF provides an extensive range of case management and advocacy support services to Survivors, families, whistle-blowers and communities impacted by institutional abuses. Our work encompasses reports of sexual and other assaults during childhood and/or as vulnerable adults, whistle blowers and reports of systemic abuses and institutional mishandling.

IGFF staff can:

  • Provide individuals with access to justice pathways including police reporting, civil litigation, legal mediation and redress
  • Facilitate warm referrals to a platform of independent professional associates providing expert mental health care, legal representation, welfare and pastoral support other support services, and
  • Provide social welfare care and support.

Community engagement through the Melbourne Victims’ Collective encourages Survivors to provide feedback, engage with practitioners, government and institutional leaders, and contribute to IGFF’s strategic priorities. IGFF also provides facilitation and co-ordination of memorial projects including plaques and ceremonies involving Survivors, community members and institutional leaders. In collaboration with other professionals, IGFF has assisted in developing research and providing community development and education forums.

IGFF has been called on to provide consultation for organisational review, policy and procedural development and legislative feedback to State and Federal Governments, Institutions and other support services. Over several years, IGFF has provided significant written and verbal submissions to National and State Government Inquiries and Institutional reviews.


If you would like to find out further information or discuss how our service might assist you, please contact us on (03) 9940 1533 or igff@igff.org.au.


IGFF’s Scope of Advocacy Action