Media Release: In Good Faith Foundation and St Kilda Football Club Charter of Cooperation

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In Good Faith Foundation (IGFF) and the St Kilda Football Club have established a Charter of Cooperation to address the ongoing impacts of historical institutional abuse, and to create an avenue of support for Survivors within the St Kilda Football Club community.

The Charter represents a commitment to advocate, support and engage with Survivors, with a clear objective that there should be a “no wrong door” approach for individuals seeking assistance.

Many Survivors of institutional abuse often feel isolated from the communities that were once significant to them.

This Charter seeks to provide independent and trauma informed support for Survivors, and to engrain their experiences into St Kilda Football Club’s response to contemporary disclosures of historical abuse.

We hope that by assisting to acknowledge the wrongs of the past, those Survivors that wish to re-engage with the St Kilda Football Club, will be able to do so knowing that they can be supported by IGFF’s independent team of experienced caseworkers and advocates.

As IGFF CEO Clare Leaney said:

“We pride ourselves on an ability to constructively engage with organisations to achieve best practice in supporting Victims and Survivors of institutional abuse, and Survivor outcomes.

We’re committed to providing independent practical welfare, and the provision of wrap around care to address Survivor needs. We are also committed to provide trauma informed guidance to St Kilda Football Club, as it seeks to support its community.”

St Kilda Football Club CEO, Matt Finnis said this Charter is the result of the club educating itself on how to respond to Survivors in safe and trauma informed ways:

“We want to be proactive in providing support wherever practicable, but we also understand the natural hesitancy which might exist in survivors engaging with the Club.

We hope that by partnering with In Good Faith Foundation we can provide a safe place for survivors to tell their story, be heard, and connected with practical support and care.”

By establishing this Charter of Cooperation IGFF and the St Kilda Football Club believe we can achieve better and more just outcomes for Survivors and their families.

While no two journeys to justice are the same, we know that Survivors who are heard, believed, and supported are far more likely to establish genuine and meaningful paths to recovery.


Clare Leaney,
In Good Faith Foundation

Clare Leaney is CEO of In Good Faith Foundation, a national charity and support service providing advocacy services to individuals, families and communities impacted by institutional abuse for over twenty years.


For all media enquiries please contact Joe Stroud, Chief Operating Officer, Head of Government Relations and Media:

E: media@igff.org.au

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