In Good Faith Foundation (Registered Charity Number: 53165246926)

This policy outlines our ongoing obligations in respect of how we manage Personal Information and Sensitive Information in support of the services In Good Faith Foundation (IGFF) delivers.

We have adopted the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) contained in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (the Privacy Act). The Australian Privacy Principles govern the way in which we collect, use, disclose, store, secure and dispose of your Personal Information.

A copy of the Australian Privacy Principles may be obtained from the website of The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner at www.aoic.gov.au

In addition to the standard legislative requirements concerning the privacy of Personal Information, the services that IGFF provides to support Survivors often require us to collect a significant amount of highly sensitive information relating to those Survivors and their experiences. Accordingly, IGFF places a high degree of emphasis on protection of Sensitive Information.

Furthermore, the nature of the interaction between our Caseworkers and our Survivor clients can lead to impacts on the privacy of those Caseworkers. To assist with safeguarding that privacy, IGFF places a significant emphasis on protection of Personal Information for our staff, and our Caseworkers in particular.

What is Personal Information and why do we collect it?

Personal Information is information or an opinion that identifies an individual.

The kinds of personal information collected by IGFF may include (but is not limited to) the following:

• Sensitive Information relating to our Survivor clients, as elaborated below;

• the names, contact information (eg mailing address, phone number and email address), date of birth, and gender of our clients, staff and donors;

• financial information (eg. bank account details, position classification information, salary rates) relating to our staff;

• financial information (eg. bank account details or credit card details) relating to our donors;

• details of donors’ donation history, emails, letters and other interactions with IGFF;

• donors’ employer details in regards to workplace giving;

• the names, contact information and employment and academic history of potential staff or volunteers; and

• the names and email addresses of persons who subscribe to our email lists.

We may also collect and hold Sensitive Information relating to our staff, Board members and volunteers or prospective staff and volunteers, including completed police checks and medical information.

This Personal Information is obtained in many ways including intake interviews, correspondence, by telephone and facsimile, by email, via our website www.igff.org.au, from other websites, from media and publications, from other publicly available sources, from cookies and from third parties. We do not guarantee website links or the adherence to policy by authorised third parties.

We collect Personal Information for the primary purpose of providing our services, providing information to our clients, advocacy, lobbying and marketing. We may also use Personal Information for secondary purposes closely related to the primary purpose, in circumstances where someone would reasonably expect such use or disclosure.

When we collect Personal Information, we will, where appropriate and where possible, explain why we are collecting the information and how we plan to use it.

Sensitive Information

Sensitive information is defined in the Privacy Act to include information or opinion about such things as an individual’s racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, membership of a political association, religious or philosophical beliefs, membership of a trade union or other professional body, criminal record or health information.

The Casework support we provide to Survivor Clients relies on Sensitive Information provided by those Clients, including highly sensitive information concerning abuse those Survivors have suffered. Noting the potential for further harm to Survivors from such information not being adequately protected, we place a particularly high priority on procedures and systems to safeguard this information.

Sensitive Information will be used by IGFF only:

• for the primary purpose for which it was obtained;

• for a secondary purpose that is directly related to the primary purpose;

• with your consent; or

• where required or authorised by law.

Third Parties

Where reasonable and practicable to do so, we will collect Personal Information only from the individual the information concerns. However, in some circumstances, we may be provided with information by third parties. In such a case, we will take reasonable steps to ensure that the individual concerned is made aware of the information provided to us by the third party.

Disclosure of Personal Information

Personal Information may only be disclosed to third parties where:

• the individual the information concerns consents to the disclosure;

• to prevent harm to Survivor clients or other people; or

• where required or authorised by law.

Security of Personal Information

Personal Information is stored in a manner that reasonably protects it from misuse and loss and from unauthorised access, modification or disclosure.

When Personal Information is no longer needed for the purpose for which it was obtained, where authorised to do so, we will take reasonable steps to destroy or permanently de-identify that Personal Information.

It should be noted, however, that we are obliged by law to retain Personal Information (including Sensitive Information) relating to the casework services we provide to our Clients for a minimum of 7 years. IGFF is responsible for ensuring that this information is protected for the whole time it is retained.

Access to Personal Information

Subject to specified exceptions, the individual that Personal Information concerns may access that information and update and/or correct it.

In order to protect Personal Information, we may require identification before releasing the requested information.

Maintaining the Quality of Personal Information

We will take reasonable steps to make sure that Personal Information is kept accurate, complete and up-to-date.

Policy Updates

This Policy may change from time to time and is available on our website.

Privacy Policy Complaints and Enquiries

If you have any queries or complaints about our Privacy Policy please contact us at:

igff@igff.org.au OR Call 1300 124 433