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Creation of A National Day of Recognition for Survivors of Sexual Assault and Institutional Abuse

In Good Faith Foundation (IGFF) and LOUD Fence Inc. have committed to the creation and establishment of A National Day of Recognition for those impacted by Sexual Assault and Institutional Abuse. The Day will serve to commemorate the courage and journeys of Survivors of sexual abuse, their Supporters, and Whistle-blowers across Australia.

IGFF and LOUD Fence Inc. will be overseeing the creation of a National Advisory Committee (NAC) to establish the key components and scope of the Day (date, symbolisms, language and execution).

The Committee will comprise of Survivors, Secondary-Survivors, Whistle-blowers and Practitioner advocates, and have representatives from across the nation. Once the framework for the Day is completed, it will then be presented to key stakeholders from the Survivor Community for feedback and input.

The Day will seek to do the following:

  • To annually acknowledge the profound harm caused to those impacted by Sexual Assault and Institutional Abuse;
  • To continue the important work of de-stigmatisation and creating further public acceptance of the work undertaken by Survivors, Supporters and Whistle-blowers;
  • To provide a clear public voice for those Impacted and the journeys they face in achieving justice;
  • To provide Governments, the Survivor Community, and the general public with an annual report measuring key social metrics and modelling outlining pertinent to Sexual and Institutional Abuse; and
  • To provide a similar function for Survivors, Supporters, and Whistle-blowers as other National Days of Recognition.

*NB The above undertakings may shift, evolve, and crystalise as the NAC commences operations.

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Clare Leaney,
In Good Faith Foundation

Clare Leaney is CEO of In Good Faith Foundation, a national charity and support service providing advocacy services to individuals, families and communities impacted by institutional abuse for over twenty years.

Maureen Hatcher,
LOUD Fence Inc.

Maureen Hatcher is CEO of LOUD Fence Inc., an organisation that exists to show support and care to the victims and survivors of child sexual abuse. Loud fences have appeared in Ballarat, Melbourne, throughout Australia and around the world.


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