and beyond
IGFF has developed a 5-year plan for a Centre of Excellence, as our services continue to grow.


IGFF established as a Royal Commission Support Service. This continues as IGFF becomes a National Redress Scheme Support Service.


In Food Faith Foundation launched as a charity, as the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse begins.


The Melbourne Victim’s Collective formed as an action group focused on Survivor empowerment and with capacity to dunction as an education forum.


In Good Faith and Associated launched as an independent service, and established an expert practitioners network to respond to institutionally traumatized Survivors, families and community members.

Foundation Launched 2013

In Good Faith Foundation (IGFF) is an independent and nationally recognised charity that was launched in August 2013. Our comprehensive service model is based on 17 years of expertise, initially provided by In Good Faith and Associates (IGFA).

Since 2014, IGFF has been an acknowledged Royal Commission Support Service for a large population of Survivors impacted by institutional abuses, and has provided significant submissions to government inquiries and consultations. IGFF’s comprehensive services include case management, education and community development. We also undertake research and practice development in collaboration with Survivors and a range of practitioners. Restorative projects, recently including memorials, are coordinated through partnerships with survivors and institutional and community leaders.

We also facilitate The Melbourne Victims’ Collective (MVC) as a Survivors’ empowerment and education forum. In 2006, the MVC was organised to help people who were coming forward in constant numbers to independent practitioners, carrying the burdens of religious institutional abuse. This collective of Survivors and professionals has now informed social change through strategic communications with government, the public and religious institutional leaders for over a decade.

Following significant governmental inquiries, IGFF currently responds to over 600 Survivors, family and community members throughout Australia. For IGFF to continue responding appropriately to the multitude of Survivors needing help, we have developed a five-year plan proposing a national Centre for Excellence for Institutional Survivors that works alongside the Royal Commission’s recommendations in Chapter 9 of the Final Report.