“My husband came to see you this week, which alone was a break- through that I wondered if I would ever see, but the immediate change in him I have no words to describe.
It is almost like he can allow himself to ‘feel’ again. I am looking forward to meeting you and participating in this life changing experience. We are just so grateful that he has found and embraced the help he needs.”

Wife of Survivor
May 2011 ongoing

About IGFF

In Good Faith Foundation has provided leading case management and advocacy services to Survivors, families and communities impacted by institutional abuses for over twenty years. Our services also include research and community education, information forums, community development and survivor support through the Melbourne Victims’ Collective. Our small, dedicated team of staff and volunteers co-ordinate warm referrals for mental health care, legal representation, police liaison, social welfare and pastoral support. We also provide expert consultation, policy and practice development to improving outcomes for Survivors.