“Help stop this crime against the innocent.”

That is one message penned by a survivor of institutional child sexual abuse and sent to the Royal Commission. All survivors who share their story with the Commission in a private session or written account are invited to send in a Message to Australia. More information click here.

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‘Moment of truth’ for Cardinal Pell

Cardinal George Pell faces “the moment of truth” about his knowledge of pedophile priests, a victims’ advocacy group says. If any “silver bullet” exists it will come out during cross-examination of Cardinal Pell in the child abuse royal commission next week, Broken Rites spokesman Wayne Chamley said. Read more here.

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Catholic Church’s “ticking time bombs” set to detonate

It not only let them keep ticking away but also covered up the pedophiles’ evil deeds to protect its reputation. The extent of the cover-up is still being dissected by the child abuse royal commission but victims advocacy group Broken Rites spokesman Dr Wayne Chamley expects its report will be absolutely scathing of the Catholic […]

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