The Voice of a Survivor

The Voice of a Survivor by Russell Manser with John Killick is an extraordinary book. Russell Manser, was a victim of institutional sexual abuse when in jail. He’s made it his life’s work to support survivors through the process of healing and reparation. Russell’s book covers his life’s story of how a background of crime […]

The Unforeseen Warrior Woman

If it wasn’t true, one could be forgiven for thinking this book is a work of fiction.  THE UNFORESEEN WARRIOR WOMAN By Pauline Doherty The plot is deep and the shocks are even deeper.It’s a family history and a history of rural New South Wales 70 years after the convicts first arrived. The land had […]

In Bad Faith by Dassi Erlich

This is “In Bad Faith” by Dassi Erlich, her true story. This powerful memoir gives extraordinary insight into a secretive sect, and the horror Dassi Erlich had to survive. Dassi’s resilience and fight for justice is inspiring.  The true story of Dassi Erlich – a woman who grew up in a closed ultra-Orthodox sect and […]

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