Practical Tips for Trauma-Informed Legal Practice

Lessons from work with victim-survivors of institutional abuse

A CPD accredited training package for lawyers and legal paraprofessionals building trauma-informed practices in Australia.

A CPD accredited training package for lawyers and legal paraprofessionals building trauma-informed practices in Australia.


If you own a practice, or work with clients impacted by trauma, it is important to be aware of the potential effects on their behaviour and performance.

Trauma can have a significant impact on an individual’s emotional and psychological wellbeing, which can, in turn, affect their ability to function effectively. As a result, it is essential to provide a safe and supportive environment for clients in a trauma-informed.  This can include placing an emphasis on validating their experiences and promoting their healing.

Trauma can affect individuals in different ways, with some displaying immediate and noticeable signs, while others may show subtle or delayed symptoms. To promote wellbeing for clients affected by trauma, an organisation practicing Trauma-Informed Care should prioritise policies, procedures, and environments that acknowledge and support their experiences.

This approach involves creating a safe and supportive workplace that prioritises the physical, psychological, and emotional safety of its employees, recognising that trauma can have a lasting impact on an individual’s wellbeing. By adopting a Trauma-Informed Care approach, lawyers and legal paraprofession can create a respectful and safe relationship  that fosters healing and promotes overall wellbeing for all employees.


Trauma-Informed  legal education (TILE) has been developed by mental health clinical experts and informed by research, practice knowledge, and input from trauma survivors. Our course teaches the Principles of Trauma-Informed Care and how they can be applied to support wellbeing in your workplace.

Our course also helps to build the skills necessary to develop and implement policies and procedures, and create a safe environment that supports those affected by trauma and ensures the overall wellbeing of your workforce and organisation.

Trauma-Informed Legal Education (TILE) is a training package for lawyers and legal paraprofessionals  with components including:

  • a lesson plan for a training of approximately 4 hours’ duration (the length is currently being finalised through the editing process);
  • accompanying slides designed for use in delivery of the training; and
  • an accompanying participant booklet which participants can keep and use following completion of the training.

The core content of this Trauma-informed legal education program includes:

  • Introduction to key concepts needed to understand the internal experiences of trauma victim-survivors, particularly victim-survivors of trauma caused by institutions
  • Identification of typical challenges which can arise when trauma victim-survivors interact with lawyers and legal systems, with explanations of the causes of these challenges
  • Introduction to key principles underlying general trauma-informed practice
  • Most crucially, and comprising the majority of content: a specific set of guidelines and tips for lawyers working with victim-survivors, with a focus on concrete actions and processes which can be implemented throughout engagement between client and lawyer/law firm to reduce risks of conflict, dissatisfaction and re-traumatisation and improve the likelihood of a satisfying and meaningful litigation experience for clients

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Duration 4 hours
Next Session 1 Friday 14 April 2023, from 12pm
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