IGFF established the ‘Victorian Survivors’ Collective’ (VSC) in 2006 as an action group focused on Survivor empowerment and with the capacity to function as an education forum. Formerly called the Melbourne Victims’ Collective (MVC) was formed by some thirty professionals, primary and secondary victims, whistle-blowers and priests of integrity.

For over 10 years the VSC has met regularly and informed social change, communicating with government, the public, media and religious institutional leaders.  Guest speakers from a wide variety of backgrounds are invited to present information to members on topics of interest with VSC members and leaders discussing current issues, possible responses and collective action such as the ‘Rally of Hope’ in 2013. As an intentional Survivors’ community, the VSC has also contributed to significant social change in relation to surviving institutional abuses.

The Victorian Survivors’ Collective is now made up of over eighty individuals, including a core membership of treating practitioners from mental health care and legal backgrounds. The VSC recognises input from members of other community support groups, support services, an expanded network of concerned professionals, and representatives of other support services such a Tzedek.

The Victorian Survivors’ Collective provides Survivors with a unique opportunity to provide feedback directly to IGFF and allows for them to contribute to IGFF’s Strategic Directions.


The VSC’s aims are:

  • To empower Survivors, families and communities
  • To provide Survivors with current information and education opportunities
  • To raise institutional and public awareness about the mistreatment and ongoing trauma of Survivors, and
  • To open avenues for dialogue, review and change


You can view Towards Justice, the charter of the VSC/MVC here.


If you would like to join the VSC, please contact us on (03) 9940 1533 or igff@igff.org.au to register your interest.