In Good Faith Foundation is a place of independent help. Our expert services focus on connecting you to recovery with: personal and systemic advocacy; case management with assessment of complex histories; referral to trauma specialists, family support and pastoral care; independent victim lawyers; specialist police units.

Foundation Services

Our services are based on 34 years of professional consulting and the development of victim centred services with a small, dedicated team of staff and volunteers delivering advocacy, case management, referral and support services to victims, families, community members and professionals seeking our help. Our specialised response works with personal and faith beliefs significant to victims' recovery processes; the family's understanding of the victim's trauma and survival; raising the potential for family reconnection; and providing community education forums to further awareness and rehabilitation.

Royal Commission Assistance

We are funded by DSS to provide detailed case management, advocacy and support to survivors and family members making submissions to the Royal Commission, through attendance at private sessions and public hearings. We assist clients before, during and after Royal Commission processes and provide further referrals to expert practitioners and other Royal Commission support services.

Melbourne Victims Collective

The Melbourne Victims’ Collective, established in 2006, is a unique example of a supportive and empowerment group with survivors, families, professionals and supporters meeting every eight weeks for over nine years. Founded by In Good Faith and Associates, it is now a work of the Foundation providing feedback, discussing current issues, possible responses and may take collective action such as the Rally of Hope, 2013.

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