Survivors, their families and communities seek our help.  Now, more than ever, our Foundation needs your financial support.


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  • Survivor Royal Commission Support
  • Melbourne Victims Collective – 9 years of communal Hope
  • Direct Survivor Services
  • Professional Referral Network
  • Sharing our Expertise as a Specialised Community Based Support Service
  • Partnerships in Education Events

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IGFF Fundraising Donation Form 2016

“In Good Faith…. You have saved my life!”

Survivor, 62 yrs


“The last eight years with the MVC has given me a reason to heal….”

Survivor, 74 yrs


“Faith has returned to my vocabulary….thank you!”

Survivor, 45 yrs


“It’s been nearly 4 weeks since (we) went with you to the Royal Commission – we wanted to thank you for your care and advocacy…you helped make what could have been a painful and confronting experience into something affirming that took us to a place we could build from.”

IGFF Royal Commission assistance to long term client, 2014


“My husband came to see you this week, which alone was a break-through that I wondered if I would ever see, but the immediate change in him I have no words to describe. It is almost like he can allow himself to ‘feel’ again. I am looking forward to meeting you and participating in this life changing experience. We are just so grateful that he has found and embraced the help he needs.”

Wife of Survivor, May 2011 ongoing


“The MVC has been active tirelessly… in providing hope and support to adult survivors. I am alive today because of it.”

Survivor, January 2013

“I am forever grateful for your help. Without this I would not be surviving as well as I am now. As I have travelled a challenging road on this journey, so too you all have given years of your time and energy, with minimal financial support, to uphold the value of seeking justice for so many who have experienced similar (and in too many cases devastatingly harsher) journeys to my own.”

Long term client since 1997