The Melbourne Victims Collective

The MVC Action Group was initially formed by some thirty professionals, primary and secondary victims, whistleblowers and priests of integrity. The MVC now has more than eighty members and includes primary victims of sexual assaults by priests, nuns, brothers and lay workers within the Melbourne Catholic Archdiocese.

The MVC also recognises the substantial impact that abuse within faith communities has had on secondary and tertiary victims, including whistleblowers.

The MVC recognises input from members of other community support groups, an expanded network of concerned professionals, and representatives of other faith advocacy support groups; for example Tzedek and clergy of integrity.

The MVC’s aims are:
– to raise Church and public awareness about the mistreatment and ongoing trauma of victims, and
– to open avenues for dialogue, review and change through processes of restorative justice.

You can view Towards Justice, the charter of the MVC here.