Media Release: Response to Vincent Ryan Release from Prison

A Pdf version of this media release can be found online here Today Vincent Ryan will walk free from Long Bay Prison. Ryan has previously been convicted of sexually abusing more than 30 children in his care. Former police investigators have publically stated that they believe he will always be a risk to the community. […]

Media Release: Melbourne City Council Votes to Protect the Safety of Children

A Pdf version of this media release can be found online here I applaud the Melbourne City Council’s Future Melbourne Committee for unanimously adopting the principles of Cr Nicholas Francis Gilley motion – Ensuring Safety of Children at Places of Worship in our Municipality. One of the key motivations for survivors and whistle-blowers in making their stories known […]

Media Release: Survivors’ Response to Gerald Ridsdale Sentence

A Pdf version of this media release can be found online here Many survivors will be feeling a sense of relief at the sentence imposed today. For survivors, the journey towards justice and healing is a long one and rulings like this, go some way to comforting the hurt caused by the most terrible of […]

Media Release: Responding to Gerald Ridsdale’s Legal Defence

A Pdf version of this media release can be found online here The fact that Gerald Ridsdale would mount such an obscene defence, simply illustrates that he lacks any true sense of remorse for the crimes he has committed and even less understanding of the devastation his actions have caused. How could any reasonable person […]

Media Release: IGFF Response to the Pell Interview

A Pdf of this media release can be found online here  George Pell has had his day in court, now it’s time that the thousands of survivors of institutional abuse seeking redress receive the same. I welcome the fact that George Pell acknowledged the inadequacies of the Catholic Church’s response and that he feels shame […]

Media Release: George Pell has his say…again!

A Pdf of this media release can be found here Tonight George Pell will speak to the media for the first time since last Tuesday’s ruling by the High Court. For many years George Pell has been afforded the opportunity to speak from a position of great power and influence. Survivors and their families have […]

Media Release, 7 April 2020

Today is hard day for Survivors of institutional abuse, their families and their supporters.

While I hold the deepest respect for the High Court, today’s decision is not only a disappointing result for the complainant in this case; it is a disappointing result for Survivors of institutional abuse across Australia.

Many people will struggle to come to terms with today’s decision, and no doubt many people will be reflecting on the ever-present pain of the past.

Download media release – here

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