Vote for IGFF to win this weekend


This weekend – until midnight on Sunday 17th March ­– if you vote for IGFF to win, you could really help us the My Giving Circle Give Back Weekend.

If you go to https://mygivingcircle.org/in-good-faith-foundation-igff and Vote for IGFF – MyGivingCircle will give them $1

They’re giving away $5,000 or the first 5,000 new voters on GiveBack Weekend and your free vote for IGFF means we could share in this amount!

Please vote this weekend for free and help us to raise much needed funds for IGFF and National Survivors’ Day at mygivingcircle.org

A grant from My Giving Circle will help IGFF continue to bring healing, justice, empowerment and advocacy to Survivors and communities affected by institutional abuses.

It’s easy to vote for IGFF to win.

Vote for In Good Faith Foundation (IGFF) on MyGivingCircle
IGFF provides an extensive range of case management and advocacy support services to Survivors, families, whistle-blowers and communities impacted by institutional abuses. Our work encompasses reports of sexual and other assaults during childhood and/or as vulnerable adults, whistle blowers and reports of systemic abuses and institutional mishandling.


What is My Giving Circle?

My Giving Circle give $1,000,000 in grants and donations every year

Each year, they distribute $1,000,000 in grants and donations to Charities, not-for-profits and community groups.

This round we’re giving $90,000 to the #30 Charities with the most votes as follows:

$26,000 to the Top #10 USA and Canadian Charities

$26,000 to the Top #10 Australia and New Zealand Charities

£13,000 to the Top #10 UK and Irish Charities

Plus, they’ll raise another $600,000 in donations for 6,000 charities

Vote to support the Charities you love today and help them share in $90,000 in grants on March 31st.

GIVE BACK WEEKEND is coming very soon!  Vote for IGFF to win here:  Vote for IGFF this weekend

Thank you.