Media Release, 7 April 2020

Today is hard day for Survivors of institutional abuse, their families and their supporters.

While I hold the deepest respect for the High Court, today’s decision is not only a disappointing result for the complainant in this case; it is a disappointing result for Survivors of institutional abuse across Australia.

Many people will struggle to come to terms with today’s decision, and no doubt many people will be reflecting on the ever-present pain of the past.

IGFF will continue to support and work with Survivors to ensure that they have the practical support needed to come to terms with today’s decision.

I would like to specifically acknowledge and recognise the incredible strength and courage displayed by the complainant and families throughout this entire process. You are strong, you are heard and you are believed.

The pursuit of what’s right is not a straight road. There will be setbacks. But our resolve is absolute, and our fight is too important to rest until justice has been served.

Clare Leaney
In Good Faith Foundation


In Good Faith Foundation is national charity and support service providing advocacy services to individuals, families and communities impacted by institutional abuse for over 20 years.

A Pdf of this media release can be found here: IGFF – Media Release – April 2020

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