Media Release: IGFF Response to the Pell Interview

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George Pell has had his day in court, now it’s time that the thousands of survivors of institutional abuse seeking redress receive the same.

I welcome the fact that George Pell acknowledged the inadequacies of the Catholic Church’s response and that he feels shame – now it’s time for the cardinal to convert that shame into action

As George Pell rightly acknowledged, the justice system can be imperfect, but the miscarriage of justice for survivors of institutional abuse, has been taking place for decades.

There are thousands of survivors across Australia who are currently waiting for their day in court and sadly hundreds more that have taken their own lives before justice could be served

IGFF welcomes that George Pell used part of his primetime interview to condemn perpetrators of institutional abuse, but this is of little comfort, until survivors are given the support they deserve.

Cutting out the cancer of sexual abuse from the Catholic Church is only the first step, now it’s time that they help heal the scars that remain.

Clare Leaney
In Good Faith Foundation
In Good Faith Foundation is national charity and support service providing advocacy services to individuals, families and communities impacted by institutional abuse for over 20 years.

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