Media Release: Survivors’ Response to Gerald Ridsdale Sentence

A Pdf version of this media release can be found online here

Many survivors will be feeling a sense of relief at the sentence imposed today.

For survivors, the journey towards justice and healing is a long one and rulings like this, go some way to comforting the hurt caused by the most terrible of experiences.

I would like to applaud the courage of the victims in this case and remind them and the entire community of survivors and their families of this: You are heard, you are strong and you are believed.

While today’s outcome was the right one, there are no celebrations.

For a right and just outcome should not be lauded as an achievement – it was the result that survivors across Australia had hoped to see.

Justice has been served, but we still have a long way to go.

Clare Leaney
In Good Faith Foundation

In Good Faith Foundation is national charity and support service providing advocacy services to individuals, families and communities impacted by institutional abuse for over twenty years.

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