Our Board of Directors

IGFF’s governance is overseen by a Board of Directors with expertise in institutional abuse, governance, commercial law, damages & injuries law, pastoral care, welfare, families & communities, leadership, organisational reform, policing, gender violence, individual & public advocacy, marketing & fundraising.

President - Neil Woodger

Vice President – Nigel Denning

Director - Paul Holdway

Leader of the MVC - Jim Boyle


Associate, Angela Sdrinis

Associate, Reverend Alexandra Sangster

Associate, Linda Tilgner


Ambassador, David O’Brien

Ambassador, Graeme Sleeman

Ambassador, Richard Jabara


CEO, Clare Leaney

Advocacy and Projects Manager, Rachel Last

Office Administrator, Oliver Hicks

Student Placements

A student placement provides an exciting opportunity to contribute to IGFF’s work with survivors of institutional abuses and gain a variety of on-the-job experiences.

IGFF offers limited Student Placements each year to candidates from a variety of social services backgrounds. If you would like to be considered for Student Placement at IGFF, please send a resume and expression of interest (no more than 500 words) to igff@igff.org.auusing the subject line: Student Placement at IGFF.


IGFF’s work is supported by our volunteers who generously donate their time, knowledge and skill to achieving our mission. From administrative assistance to event co-ordination and research we are grateful to all our volunteers.

If you would like to volunteer, please register your interest and include a little information about yourself by emailing: igff@igff.org.auusing the subject line: Volunteering at IGFF.