IGFF Staff

IGFF is governed by a Board of Directors with key areas of expertise in working with victim-survivors.

From top left to right, Vice President Neil Woodger, Richard Jabara, President Paul Holdway, Fr. Kevin Dillon, Glenn Davies (overseas) and CEO, Helen Last (2nd from bottom left).

Our staff, from bottom left to right, Rachel Last, Helen Last (CEO), Clare Leaney, Elizabeth Billings, and – not shown here – Emily Armstrong, Kerry Bergin and Pam Krstic, provide services in case management, intake and referral, individual and public advocacy, intentional community building, social justice lobbying, media campaigning, research and library development.

Our specialised response recognises and works with personal and faith beliefs; the needs of families to understand victim survival and family renewal; and the need for expert education programs to understand and repair from clergy abuse.